Medical Marijuana Caregiver & Patient Network

Connecting patients with local caregivers 

Caregivers R Us exists to eliminate barriers facing medical marijuana patients who cannot procure medicinal cannabis products or who are looking for a caregiver. Too often, patients are required to leave their homes and travel long distances to get their medical cannabis – not knowing that there are likely qualified caregivers right around the corner. Through our network, patients have the opportunity to find a medical marijuana caregiver who may legally assist them in growing or acquiring the cannabis necessary for their medical treatment.

Who can become a caregiver?

While caregivers often start out as friends or family of patients (or patients themselves), once you’ve developed skills as a cannabis producer, you have the opportunity to maximize the potential of your capabilities by connecting with new patients. If you’ve already established yourself as a caregiver with multiple patients, Caregivers R Us offers the chance to fill vacancies left by those who discontinue their medical marijuana treatment.

Caregivers may provide services to cannabis patients such as: 

  • Growing plants only for use by the patient
  • Teaching the patient to grow marijuana plants
  • Teaching the patient about strains that may be beneficial to them
  • Producing or obtaining cannabis products for the patient
  • Other assistance as determined by individual parties 

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