For Caregivers

Let medical marijuana patients find you
and expand your reach as a medical marijuana caregiver. 

Helping caregivers help patients

As a medical marijuana caregiver, you provide a vital service by growing, producing, or acquiring cannabis for patients who cannot or do not want to do so themselves. We created the caregiver network to help cannabis cultivators connect with local community members – bridging the gap between home-bound medical marijuana recipients and the people capable of fulfilling their needs. By registering as a member of our marijuana caregiver directory, you create an opportunity for nearby patients to find you and enlist your services.

Make finding patients easier than ever

Connecting with new patients can often be the most challenging part of your role as a medical marijuana caregiver, and many caregivers simply rely on word of mouth to find patients in need. We’ve centered our mission on one driving principle: help caregivers easily connect with nearby patients looking for assistance. By making yourself available to local MMJ recipients, you reduce travel times and optimize the value of your services. 

Compensation for the above services is established through individual agreements between patients and caregivers.