Find new patients and serve your community!

When you become a member of the caregiver network, you’ll have the opportunity to create a personal page listing your medicinal cannabis, services, and contact information. Medical marijuana patients in your area will be able to view your catalog and contact you to engage your services. You may update your information and offerings at any time using our caregiver dashboard, and it will be your responsibility to arrange compensation and delivery of cannabis with interested patients.

Please note: In order to register a page as a medical marijuana caregiver, you must be able to provide valid identification (such as a driver’s license or state ID) and a medical marijuana caregiver license.

Be smart & stay safe

By listing your services with Caregivers R Us, you agree to be contacted by medical marijuana patients in your area. Use your best judgment when meeting with a new patient, and take steps to protect yourself and your privacy. If you do not wish to invite patients to your home, you may use an off-site location to deliver cannabis as long as you do not display marijuana to the public. Check out our safety tips for more on how to ensure your personal safety.

Caregivers R Us is not responsible for the outcome of any caregiver/patient interaction. Should an incident occur, please file a report with your local authorities and notify Caregivers R Us immediately. Be aware that we will fully cooperate with any police investigation into misconduct by a member or visitor of the caregiver network, including providing identifying information for registered caregivers.

It is your responsibility to adhere to all state and local laws regarding the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana, and we recommend exploring your state’s resources for cannabis legislation.


Join the caregiver network and start connecting with more patients in your area by filling out the registration form below. We will request:

– A digital copy of your driver’s license or state ID
– A digital copy of your medical marijuana caregiver license
– Your personal contact information & email address.

Additionally, all members are required to pay a $100 monthly fee to maintain a page & membership on Caregivers R Us. We also give you a 2 month free trial when you register for the first time. 🙂

After we verify you and process your payment, you will be given access to your new caregiver listing page. This may take up to 24-48 hours, but usually happens within the same day. Thank you!

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Caregivers and patients make individual arrangements for exchanging cannabis and services. These relationships allow caregivers to share their medical marijuana and expertise with MMJ patients in need of assistance.