When contacting and meeting with a new caregiver, we strongly encourage all patients to consider a few basic safety precautions:

1. Thoroughly review your prospective caregiver. Each caregiver’s page contains an introduction into who they are, what they offer, and how they conduct their partnerships with patients. Use discretion and consider your personal safety when reaching out to a new caregiver. Names, logos, and descriptions can all contain details about a caregiver’s state of mind, and it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

2. Call before arranging a meeting. Even if you choose to make first contact with a caregiver over e-mail, we recommend setting up a phone call and having an in-depth conversation before meeting in person. It’s much easier to gauge whether you are on the same page about your wants and needs through a live interaction, rather than e-mail exchanges. Trust your gut if a conversation feels off or you sense someone may not have your best interests in mind.

3. Choose a safe meeting place. Remember that both you and your caregiver have an interest in protecting privileged information, such as your home address. Should either party feel uncomfortable meeting at their private residence, you may use an off-site location to exchange marijuana and payment as long as you are not visibly displaying marijuana to the public. Many caregivers may prefer this option if they serve several patients and don’t wish to expose their home to frequent visits.

4. Consider setting up deliveries. If you would prefer to receive medical marijuana delivered to your home, let your trusted caregiver know. One great advantage of partnering with a local caregiver is home delivery is often easy to accommodate.


Caregivers R Us is not responsible for the outcome of any caregiver/patient interaction. Should an incident occur, please file a report with your local authorities and notify Caregivers R Us immediately. We will fully cooperate with any police investigation into misconduct by a member of the caregiver network, including providing identifying information for registered caregivers.

Caregivers- Be smart & stay safe

By listing your services with Caregivers R Us, you agree to be contacted by medical marijuana patients in your area. Use your best judgment when meeting with a new patient, and take steps to protect yourself and your privacy. If you do not wish to invite patients to your home, you may use an off-site location to deliver cannabis as long as you do not display marijuana to the public.

It is your responsibility to adhere to all state and local laws regarding the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana, and we recommend exploring your state’s resources for cannabis legislation.